Highly durable product

Elastolith Brick slips and Adhesive mortar are composed mainly of mineral raw materials. Over 90% to 95% of the products consist of natural sands, crushed stone and other mineral fillers.
The entire production process is energy efficient and the brick slips are dried within one night at a relatively low temperature of ± 60 degrees Celsius. The required electricity is largely generated by solar panels.
The thickness of Elastolith Brick slips is 4 to 5 mm. In addition to savings on raw materials, this also results in energy savings during production, drying, storage, transport and applying of the product. Due to the low weight, constructions of new buildings can be designed lighter and the foundations of existing buildings do not have to be modified for renovations.

Brick slips are frequently used for the renovation of buildings. Renovation reduces energy consumption, extends the life span and increases the value of buildings. This will prevent the unnecessary demolition of buildings and wasted energy and raw materials
The unusable brick slips are recycled by a partner of ours. In this process, the brick slips are finely ground and mixed with the rubble.

A solution for every application

Mineral brick slips are available in different types. We have a solution for almost every aesthetic and technical challenge. Mineral brick slips are man-made on a production line. This method produces brick slips that are individually unique, so that there is no repetition on the façade.


Mineral brick slips are available in two different forms: the “hand shape“, which is produced with a mould and the “tight shape”, which is punched to size after drying. The difference is shown in the pictures below. Elastolith Façade Design products can be designed in various forms.

Mould slip

Punched slip


There are many different brick formats on the market. Mineral brick slips are available in almost any brick format. Other sizes are available on request. Elastolith Façade Design products can be designed within the dimensions 600×460 mm (LxH) or 1,000×230 mm (LxH).


Brick slips are available in different types. In addition to flat bricks, there are corner and lintel brick slips. These different types can provide for any masonry bond and façade detail. Brick slips can easily be cut to size.

Flat brick

Corner slip

Lintel slip

Surface textures and sanding

Different surface textures are possible. In addition, the brick slips can be sanded and Elastolith Façade Design products can be provided with toppings. See Products page for possibilities.


The Elastolith system is quick and easy to apply. Any conceivable masonry bond can be easily made. The brick slips can be processed manually or mechanically . After application, the adhesive will cure and form one layer with the brick slips. The Technical Data Sheet below describes the processing of the products. For more information, please contact your supplier.

Low weight and thickness

Colour fastness

Fire class A

Sustainable products

Water repellent and vapour permeable

Freedom of choice and design

Natural look and feel

Quick & easy applying

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