Unique characteristics

The Elastolith brick slips have a natural look. In addition, the Elastolith system has unique properties, such as low weight and thickness, fast and easy applying, water-repellent and vapour permeable and lasting elasticity. This makes it the perfect façade finish for external wall insulation systems and prefabricated façade elements.

Increasing the sustainability of existing buildings

The energy consumption of homes and other buildings must be reduced. Wall insulation systems are efficient solutions to improve the insulation of existing buildings. In renovation projects, wall insulation systems are applied directly to the existing façade. The mineral brick slips serve as the final finish of wall insulation systems.

Elastolith brick slips will preserve the authentic look of buildings. Another option is long format brick slips or Elastolith Façade Design to give buildings and ultimately the neighbourhood a completely new look.

Efficient and sustainable construction

Prefabricated construction has the future

The use of prefabricated façade elements in construction is increasing. Compared to traditional construction, prefabricated construction has many advantages, such as conditioned working conditions, consistent quality, fast construction time, lower failure costs and minimal inconvenience to residents during renovations. Elastolith Brick slips are the ideal façade finish to provide prefab elements with an authentic masonry appearance. This is partly due to their low weight and thickness and the lasting elasticity of the Elastolith system. Due to this permanent elasticity, the system has a large tolerance for slight movements in prefabricated timber frames, steel frames or sandwich elements, even after years. The film on the right shows the mechanical application of brick slips on prefab walls.

Solide ondergronden

Het Elastolith systeem kan nagenoeg op elke solide en draagkrachtige ondergrond aangebracht worden. Buitengevelisolatiesystemen, geventileerde gevelsystemen, vezelversterkt polyester, betonnen- en steenachtige of pleister ondergronden zijn hier voorbeelden van. Een buitengevelisolatiesysteem zorgt voor een hoge isolatiewaarde van een gevel. De steenstrip wordt bij deze toepassing op de mortelweefsellaag aangebracht. Bij een geventileerd systeem wordt de steenstrip op een pleister of cementgebonden plaat aangebracht. Het is ook mogelijk om de steenstrip op een steenachtige of pleister ondergrond aan te brengen. In sommige gevallen dient de ondergrond eerst uitgevlakt en/of voorbehandeld te worden.

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