The mineral façade cladding for your project

Since 1982 Elastolith has developed and produced high-quality mineral wall cladding for new buildings, renovations and the prefab market.

The traditionalbrick slips or flat facing bricks give façades an authentic masonry look, the modern long size brick slips provide a contemporary image and Elastolith Façade Design will create original façades. Unique and durable façade finishes can be produced for any project.

For any solid surface

Elastolith façade cladding system can be applied to any solid and load-bearing substrate. The system consists of a primer, adhesive mortar and flat facing bricks. Its unique properties make this system the ideal cladding for façade insulation systems, ventilated façades and prefabricated façades. Millions of square metres of façade have been finished with Elastolith’s mineral façade slip.

Creative challenge

Mineral flat facing bricks are man-made on a production line. Attractive combinations of colours, surface textures, shapes and sizes can be easily created. The architect’s and designer’s dream of optimal design freedom. By combining our knowledge, experience and possibilities with the desires and ideas of clients and architects, we can create great wall finishes. We go for anything possible and take up the challenge!

Prefab has the future

Prefab is the building of the future. It provides many advantages over traditional building. Elastolith mineral brick slips are the ideal finish for prefab façades.

Less CO2 emissions

By transferring production work to the factory and limiting the number of transport movements to the construction site, the total CO2 emissions of a project will be reduced.

Strong points of Elastolith façade cladding

Low weight and thickness

Colour fastness

Fire class A

Sustainable products

Water repellent and vapour permeable

Freedom of choice and design

Natural look and feel

Quick & easy applying

Dutch manufacturer